Introducing CyberSmart

Using educational content to protect your small business customers

Value to Customers

Both individual and business customers are looking for help with financial decisions throughout their lives.

Financial Rewards

Customers will buy from the one who provides those answers – generating sales across all individual and business product lines.

Regulatory Environment

With added focus on the fiduciary role played by financial institutions, putting Educate First® is a solid platform for sales.

Lower Cost

Leveraging existing customer communication channels to increase share of wallet is a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new customer.

Lead Generation to Support Multiple Business Lines

Website content is aggregated into a series of downloadable “Quick Guides” on multiple topics with the picture and contact information of the person that can help. These guides can be merchandised through branch and digital channels to create immediate sales leads using an Educate First® approach.

How Does It Work?

1. Engage

Connect with customers so they make better decisions that will save money and avoid mistakes. Use all existing branch and digital channels (website, social, etc.) to communicate the benefits of your content, and link to where to find it.

2. Educate

An online Financial Education Center and Business Education Center are seamlessly integrated into your website to provide easy to understand information on hundreds of topics.

3. Connect

Generate sales leads by enabling customers to immediately connect to the actual person that can help them with their topic of interest and, when appropriate, provide a product solution.