Developing leads through your bank website

online-bankingAs more and more bank customers find their way around the online platform, the harder it becomes to drive cross selling opportunities at the branch level.  All signs point to more effective marketing techniques online where customers are spending most of their time.

But what does it take to get the dialog started online?  How can you transition a transaction minded customer to research mode?

For starters, you need good, easy to read content.  Most consumers today are not reading the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times on a regular basis.  The typical American hears the word Tax Deferred Bonds and cringes.  So when you want to build or purchase education, keep this in the back of your mind.

Once you have the education, make sure you use it in a way that gets customers to raise their hand.  Remember, most people don’t visit their local library because they want to.  To make education exciting, tie it to financial situations that we all face.  Make it pop and most importantly, make all content connected to your professionals.  Make it easy for customers to submit requests to talk or meet in person.

And finally, make your content portable.  The easier it is to walk away with information the more likely customers will read it.  Better yet, give the customer the option to enter their contact information before downloading the educational guide.  This way, you can both provide the education and generate leads at the same time.