Wealth Management blog on bank website shows promise

fnb-blogOverall, First National Bank and Trust Company in Wisconsin has a pretty standard bank site – rates, personal and business banking overviews, about us, online banking login, etc.  However, there is a bright spot with the wealth management blog.  This group has a good start to building a foundation of helpful online content.

It’s not the easiest blog to find.  You have to click on wealth management so right away you know only people actively researching wealth management topics will be visiting this blog.  Because of this, the bank is missing out on a number of customers that may very well be interested in some of the subjects discussed only they’re not actively thinking about or concerned about them while doing online banking or other research on the site.  According to an article in the October 2009 issue of the Community Banker, Little Changes – Big Difference, which you can read more here about, “nearly 95% of visitors to a bank home page visit to login.”  By not showcasing all the great, helpful information available to these frequent users of online banking, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to deepen your relationships.

fnb-blog-tilesThe wealth management home page in general has some positive content marketing strategies.  They have a column that describes Investment Management.  They have attractive “tiles” in the left-hand column that promote helpful article topics such as “7 ways to plan for retirement”.  They have a video series with Dennis Staaland, the department head, called Your Money Minute.  Online video is becoming more and more popular among online marketers as consumers become more comfortable with watching online video on a regular basis.

The blog has one critical attribute – it never directly talks about the banks own products or services.  Each article has one goal in mind, to provide helpful and relevant information to the immediate audience.

What I would suggest to this bank is that they add a few more images to their posts.  People react faster to pictures then they do to words and it will keep the reader around for a longer period of time if there are images to support the content.  I’d also tell them not to be afraid to link back to relevant pages within their wealth management section on the bank’s website.  Especially to pages that showcase the professionals who can help with the topics being discussed or to a short form they can fill out to have someone follow up to discuss the topics further.

Remember, content alone is not going to bring you more business.  You have to position and market it in a way that triggers people to want to read more.  And most importantly, capture the activity to maximize the opportunities from those reading your information online.