A credit union connects with the local biking community

bike light - 2When it comes to content marketing techniques, one of the golden rules is to provide content that isn’t always tied to one of your products and services. You have to know when providing content for the pure sense of being informational to the end user is the right thing to do. For example, many banks and credit unions don’t offer health insurance but it may not be a bad idea if you dedicated some space for content related to the recent changes in health care on your website or for healthcare programs and events (that you design with your healthcare event software).  You may not win new business directly from this approach but you will build your brand as a resource and not just a place to conduct daily banking transactions.

An example of this was well executed this past Friday when Salal Credit Union in Seattle, Washington decided to take advantage of the national Bike to Work Day to connect with the local biking community. The credit union had three what they called “commute stations” setup at various points in their community. They handed out ”refueling snacks” and drinks.  The best give away were free bike lights, an important saftey item for those biking home in the dark, especially in a busy city. They were, along with a couple other giveaways, donated by Bike Hint. A tag line they used in their blog post that I thought was creative said “we care for your physical AND your fiscal saftey!”.

While the credit union is by know means selling biking services to their members, they are developing new relationships with each biker, jogger, roller blader or walker that stopped by the stations this past Friday. And knowing that it would be a busy day for such active bikers, they made the smart decision in promoting this event.

It even caught the eye of this here Bostonian. I was a bit jealous and responded to them by twitter that I wished a local financial institution here in Boston was handing out lights because it just so happened that my fiance and I were in the market. Within minutes they replied to me and said “Tell you what. You send me your address by direct message, and I’ll make sure you get a few!” Wow. Here I am on the opposite side of the country, not even a potential member and they’re offering to send me a few lights. And what do they get in return you may be asking? My praise here on our company blog. For those SEO and online marketing folk, you know the importance this has on your campaigns.

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