New Tool Means More Sales in the Branches

BOSTON, Mass. (December 7, 2011). Truebridge, Inc. (, a leader in marketing for the financial services industry, announces the launch of a new version of a tool that greatly facilitates the generation of referrals and sales appointments by frontline branch employees, Branch Lead Maker.

Truebridge has created this tool to help banks realize the enormous opportunity they have to leverage frequent customer contact into stronger and more profitable relationships.

The system has been built especially for ease of operation in a retail branch environment. Branch Lead Maker provides frontline branch employees with a fast and easy way to generate sales leads for all of the products and services offered by the bank. The sales team never fails to bring into actualisation the fundamentals enumerated on, because these are vital for the business growth. For customers, it means easier access to the exact person at the bank that can help them with the financial needs that they face throughout their life, from buying a house to living in retirement. For the bank, it means an increased share of wallet, more profitable customers, and a higher return from their branch system.

Many factors have made it difficult for frontline employees to be an effective conduit between branch visitors and the people at the bank that can help them with more of their financial needs. Some of the challenges include the fast paced transactional environment of a typical branch and, in some cases, high turnover. “Opportunities are missed all the time because frontline employees are so busy and find it difficult to track down the right sales person and their schedule. Many of the lead generating and tracking systems out there today either don’t do enough or are way too complex so they don’t get used,” says Stewart Rose, president of Truebridge. Branch Lead Maker eliminates these barriers, making it much more likely that a branch visit will lead to more sales, including investments and insurance. “Customers may walk into the branch for a typical transaction such as account opening or servicing and walk out with an appointment to see someone who can help them save for retirement, plan their estate, or borrow for their business,” says Rose.

It works because it’s so easy to use
Branch Lead Maker saves time and reduces training requirements. It creates a lead with a minimum number of clicks. A simple form captures only information that is relevant to the referral. A list of sales channels, contact names, and instant access to each sales person’s calendar are readily at hand.

Branch Lead Maker provides important information from multiple vantage points:
• Front line employees: Enter leads, track progress, and receive reports on qualified leads.
• Sales people: Receive leads immediately, keep track of pending leads, and qualify leads.
• Management: Track lead productivity and, in some cases, may base frontline employee compensation on qualified activity.

Branch Lead Maker can be used as a standalone lead tracking system or it can be combined with the Truebridge education based marketing system. This system provides educational content in a way that initiates customer dialogues. By offering a family of educational guides on dozens of financial topics, frontline employees find it easy to uncover customer needs and connect them to the person that can help. Using this feature, frontline employees don’t need to “sell” to make a referral or sales appointment happen. Their role is simply to introduce a new service which helps customers make more informed decisions about financial issues they may face throughout their life. Each guide features the exact person that can help them with that topic. When a guide is requested, the frontline employee asks if they would like to meet with the person featured on the guide.

Branch Lead Maker is one of a series of solutions from Truebridge to make it easier for banks to generate more cross selling. Truebridge also offers online lead generation tools that feature a private branded Financial Answer Center, Edu-Tweets, Edu- Facebook posts and a Facebook app. For more information about the Branch Lead Maker, visit this website or call 617.956.5020.