Content Equals Brand Loyalty And Sales

Content is king. Discover the untapped potential of putting educational content at your customers’ fingertips.


Content marketing is teaching, not selling. People buy from companies that educate.

If you’ve ever been in an Apple store, you might have seen them hosting workshops and one-to-one training sessions. New technology can be tough to wrap your head around at first, so Apple employees teach you how to use the hardware and software that they offer as a means to encourage customer loyalty and to improve their sales.

Financial institutions can do the exact same thing with content marketing. By being the source for easy-to-understand info about complicated financial subjects, you will be a valuable asset in your customers’ investment decisions.

People want to know how to plan for retirement, how to plan a college fund for a new baby, how to start a business. You answer their questions, you set them on the right path, and you do it through the content you’re able to provide to them.


Content marketing builds trust. When you provide educational content you immediately put yourself in the customer’s corner. You are arming them with the information they need to make the decisions which are most beneficial to them.

Content is what begins a conversation and a conversation is what leads to a sale.


Fewer and fewer people are coming into branches as online and remote options for banking are becoming more prevalent. Content marketing and social media provide everyday exposure and great customer service to online visitors.

Everyone goes through major life events where they need help figuring stuff out. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or a new baby, you can be there with relevant educational content that will really help your customers. What you’re doing is giving people a place to go where they can find answers.
When you give this to people, they will stick around your site, they will learn, and they’ll get in touch with you if they like what they see.


Educational content is what we at Truebridge want to provide for you. If you’re interested in more info about the many ways in which content can drive sales, check out our whitepaper.

A New Direction in Financial Marketing

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