Content Marketing for Banks and Credit Unions

Content marketing means providing consumers with helpful information, oftentimes educational in nature. Traditional marketing is about promoting the features and benefits of the products you have for sale. But today more and more of these messages are falling on deaf ears.


Quite simply, people don’t want to be sold. They are bombarded by sales messages and, for the most part, have tuned out. What people do want is information that helps them make better decisions – information that helps them avoid problems they may face later on in life. By providing that information, companies are better able to establish dialogues; build new relationships and strengthen existing ones; and by doing it right, increase sales.


Years ago, advertising agencies discovered a simple secret to getting their messages heard. They discovered the social contract that exists between the marketer and the listener.

Entertain me and I will listen to what you have to say.


Content marketing is based on a similar contract.

Give me helpful information and I will listen to your message.


In other words, have something to say that is relevant and of interest to your audience. Establish that dialogue first and you will build permission to deliver your product story.