Defining Content Marketing For Financial Institutions


What Is Content Marketing?


Excuse the tautology, but a content marketer provides–you guessed it–content! For financial institutions this means compliant articles, tweets, or blog posts focused on life events. Not only that, but you can utilize content in your branch and call center too!


Say a couple has a baby on the way, but no idea how to plan financially for it. You can provide the answer through your content with articles about tax credits, college funding, or even employing a nanny.


Say one of your customers is nearing retirement, but unsure if he’s financially secure for it. You can provide the answer through content with information on IRAs, annuities, or calculating assests.


Did you know 43% of people are more likely to buy a financial product around a life event?


There are a huge amount of financial topics out there that people want to know more about. You can provide engaging, easy-to-understand content that answers questions and your customers will love you for it.


Your content isn’t an ad or a pitch: It’s an informative and educational value added service. In return for supplying it you generate leads by making it easy for customers to contact a rep at a branch near them through links in the content, or, give them the option to enter their contact information in exchange for downloadable PDFs.


You provide content. Content creates dialogues. Dialogues generate leads.


Why You Should Be A Content Marketer


People are looking for answers.


They’ll buy from those who provide answers (a tactic Home Depot, Nikon, and Apple employ).


If you don’t provide answers, your competition will.




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