Getting Content Off The Shelf

bookshelvesDid you receive any books as presents this year? Have you started reading them or did you throw them on a shelf?

My bookshelf is a little bit like a graveyard. Books go there when I’m done with them and only very rarely do they come off the shelf. There is, I think, a really good lesson in this about being a good content marketer.

A book has content in the same way a blog post does and nobody’s going to read either if they get thrown on a shelf. You’ve got to get your content marketing off the shelf if you want eyes on it.

As a thought experiment, let’s say your website has a blog (or any type of content that you want people to check out). And on your site you’ve got to hover over a drop down menu and click on “Read our blog” to view it. There’s not any sort of promotion on your home page, you’re just hoping people stumble into your content. This content isn’t on the shelf, it’s buried in the desert!

If this sounds like your approach to content marketing, you need to change it up! Promote that content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Bring people straight to the content through tweets or LinkedIn and Facebook posts. You’ve got the content, but make sure you use it, get it out there, spread the word!