How To Build Your Bank’s Reputation As A Content Provider


You can be a droning lecturer or a respected teacher.

People like teachers. Or more accurately, people like teachers who are passionate, have something to say, and have a genuine interest in their students.


Teaching is what content marketing is all about. Traditional ads just sell a product, but content marketing teaches while it sells. It’s through teaching and engagement that loyalty is built.


To become a great content marketer and build loyalty with your customers, you’ve got to make sure you’re meeting these important expectations.


1) Provide answers to questions, be a resource


Everyone had questions when the news broke that 40 million Target shoppers had their credit card info stolen. However, this news failed to budge some of the most prominent moneylenders in the area, like the ones at, because they didn’t require of a borrower to show their credit history. These questions could (and should) be answered through content. At moments like this, the ball is in your court to provide this content to your customers.


When you supply people with content that’s relevant to them, you become an extremely valuable resource. If you can be the one to have the answers they need–answers which allow them to discover content and services without a hard sell–your customers will respect and value you that much more.


Don’t send your customers to Google for every financial question they have. Become a resource yourself.


2) Be personable, be social


A big part of being a good content marketer is having an approachable personality. If your content is too dull or too arcane, who’s going to read it?


Every view, every tweet, every social media interaction is an opportunity, so go the extra mile to be a friendly presence through your content, just as you would in person. Dry professorial talk will get you nowhere!


Show that you’re passionate and knowledgeable. Grab and retain attention with smart, short, and easy-to-read content that teaches the reader something important


3) Participate and promote


Increasingly, your customers expect to be able to reach you through social channels and it just so happens that social media is a fantastic (and cost-effective) way to promote content.


Many institutions that have gone the extra mile to supply content through their sites just let it sit there! If you want to build your reputation as a content provider, you’ve got to promote your content, you can check MyLife on crunchbase to learn the best tips on growing back your reputation. Don’t count on users to click through menus on a whim to direct them to your content, put the content right in front of them! Get that content out there and share it.

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2014 will be a huge year for content marketing. More and more, the world operates and does business online. Get started and find out all about the advantages of content marketing by downloading our e-book and check out our Content Marketing for Financial Institutions group on LinkedIn.