How Involved can Banks and Credit Unions be on Social Media?


As someone who works in client services at a marketing company that caters exclusively to financial institutions, this is a question I hear a lot.

The answer is: Very! In our view, there are two main roadblocks in this industry:

  1. Privacy- who wants to tweet about their loan? Not me. Not you either. Nobody. So we as an industry need to take another approach- how about…EDUCATION!
  2. Compliance-need I say more? Well, we have a solution there as well.


Look at how easy Retail has it! They tweet about their sales and promotions, and people want to know that information, so they get followers AND foot traffic to the store\website (I used L.L. Bean as my example because they are the best ever and I love them).

So you can’t tweet “Come on in today only, 20% off all mortgages!!” Let’s think about what people really want in terms of financial services. They want to be educated and informed on the topics that are most important to them, and they want it on their terms. Did you know that people are 43% more likely to buy financial products around life events? AND, 74% of them will buy from someone who educates them on the matter. Really, this is the entire idea that our system is designed around, and what we do is called content marketing- but that’s a different story for a different day.

If you’re a Truebridge client, you already have all the content at your fingertips. When you launched your Financial Answer Center, you became an educational resource. Likewise, that content is yours to do with whatever you will. You buy the car from us, and we’ll teach you how it works, but you’re in the driver’s seat.

Additionally, when you first launched, you went through all the compliance stuff. This content is approved on your end by your folks, and maintained by us in case anything changes, and we run it by you before we make those changes. So there you have it! Turn-key, compliance approved social media content ready to go. We recommend setting up a content calendar and keeping your social media efforts in line with the calendar-maybe June is “College Planning” month, so all June, tweet/post/etc. to any articles or info related to the topic. Better yet, we’ve just added another feature that makes it even easier.

edu tweet

See that little tweet box? Click it, and the system generates a post with the title of the article and direct link. Super easy right?

We are working on lots of exciting projects right now, and this is only a sneak peak. Look for an entire “E-Book” about setting up content calendars, awesome FREE workshops, and much more, SOON!

Interested in hearing more about social media for banks and credit unions, adding the Edu-Tweet/Post feature to your existing system, or seeing a demo? Connect with me at: