The Story Of 5 Core Values: An ABA Content Marketing Case Study

5 Core Values Met Through Content MarketingFairfield County Bank has five core values that guide their actions and they’re simple standards that anyone can relate to.

They seek to

  • Provide the highest level of customer service.
  • Provide their employees with meaningful careers and equitable compensation.
  • Make a reasonable and fair profit to ensure their long-term existence for future generations of customers and employees.
  • Be committed to the highest ethical and professional standards in all their endeavors.
  • Invest their money and personnel in the communities that we serve.

Pretty noble goals if you ask me, but as you can imagine they’re deceptively complicated to meet. And surely there isn’t any singular thing they could do to work towards fulfilling all these goals at once, right? Right?!

Well, it just so happens that in an ABA School of Bank Marketing & Management study it was found that content would be a great way to ensure the success of the bank, its customers, and its community. They saw education-based content as a value-added service that would attract, engage, and educate customers.

By becoming a resource for content, FCB could provide the answers their customers need (goal 1). If a customer was planning to send his child to college, he could find relevant content through FCB. If someone was planning to retire soon, but not sure of the steps to take, content about IRAs or Medicare could be right on the bank’s site and available in the branch too.

What’s more, the implementation of this content strategy would be a great investment for FCB. Content could be easily integrated into their website, branch, and call center. The bank could generate tremendous leads through downloadable financial guides on different topics (goal 2). Content could also link directly to a contact form for the specific specialist at the customer’s branch. FCB forecasted a 10:1 ROI on this plan (goal 3).

This content would help them put trust-building and dialogue before the sale (goal 4) and their customers would be better informed, smarter investors, which in and of itself would contribute to a strong community (goal 5).

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