How To Be A Top 100 Financial Institution With Content

Want to size up your competition on social media? Statistics for the Top 100 Banks and Credit Unions operating on social media channels are in via The Financial Brand.

 Here’s what blew us away:

The Stats

 In Q4 2013 banks and credit unions generated:

  • ~30 million new Facebook likes
  • ~3 million new fans on Facebook
  • ~375,000 new followers on Twitter

 If you’ve never thought about getting your financial institution active on social media, now’s the time to get started. Online social platforms are becoming more and more normalized and it’s becoming universally expected that businesses have an active presence there.

 Here’s how it benefits you. For each of those 30 million Facebook likes, you are reaching not only a measly 30 million users, but all of their friends who can view their activity. If each of these people have at least 1 friend, the potential is there to reach 60 million people. I don’t have to tell you that most people have way more than 1 friend.

 How To Succeed

To have a successful online presence in these arenas, you’ll need content. It’s your own content that will drive people to your feeds and website, creating leads and increasing sales. If you can provide valuable educational content when people need it, they’ll buy from you.

 Your competition is already there and last quarter alone they got their content in front of 30 million people. With easy-to-implement and cost-effective content solutions out there, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be getting more out of your website and social media interactions.

 You can check out all the Top 100 rankings here and if you made the list, congratulations!

For more info on how content can work for your bank or CU, download our white paper for one bank’s story of success with content