Best Practices On Twitter For Banks and Credit Unions

Tips for being effective on Twitter for banksOnline banking is eating the branch’s lunch as people utilize the Internet to bank wherever they are. Since we’re more reliant on the Internet than ever, having a presence on Twitter for your bank or credit union is a necessary part of competing today.

Twitter can help you promote your brand and address more of your customers’ needs. You can use the platform as an avenue to start the dialogues with your customers which aren’t happening in the branch any more.

“But how do I start and what do I tweet about?” you might be asking. Here are the basics on getting started on Twitter for banks and credit unions.

The key to your success is content. Your content can run the gamut from educational articles to movie quote trivia or giveaway contests. Did your bank make a charitable donation or sponsor an event? Tell people about it!

Banks and credit unions specifically have a great opportunity to use social media to promote educational content. People are always looking for answers to financial questions. Why shouldn’t you be the one to provide them? Customers who participate in online education are FIVE TIMES more likely to buy from the provider, compared to direct marketing.

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The immediate results are brand loyalty and engagement. More people will be thinking about your brand more often, and since Twitter makes content so easily shareable, people will be telling their friends if they see something they particularly like.

By sharing content you’re reminding your customers that you are a valuable resource. They’ll begin to define banking less in terms of transactions and more in terms of experience.

While content is your priority (because content starts dialogues and dialogues start sales), it’s OK to promote yourself from time to time. Just keep in mind as a rule of thumb that at most 20% of your posts should be advertisements, otherwise people won’t want to follow you.

Twitter For Banks And CRedit Unions: Quick Tips

  • Try to be active every day.
  • But not too active. Don’t spam your followers with constant updates.
  • Keep an eye on the calendar for holiday-themed tweets or to promote local events.
  • Take care not to self promote too much.
  • Don’t be afraid to have a personality.
  • Provide content, provide content, provide content.
  • And remember: Every engagement is an opportunity.

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