Email & Content: A Supercharged Sales Machine

Financial content delivery on the customer's terms.I’m excited to tell you about a new offering for Truebridge customers.

We wanted to make content delivery easy, user-friendly and personal. We looked around and saw that no one else was offering this kind of content delivery system and so we built it ourselves.

Truebridge’s eConnect technology allows our clients to deliver targeted, dynamic content through email on the customer’s terms, providing a service that’s customer-focused and that drives sales. The definition of small business comes with the email marketing interaction and engaging in social media platforms to reach better to their audiences.

Here’s how it came together.

Customers are always looking for answers, especially in the financial services industry. The average person gets bombarded with complicated info, most of it not relevant to them personally. Someone trying to figure out how to pay for college is probably not interested in learning about the difference between an IRA and Roth IRA. But whether your customers are off to college or planning to retire, they need easy-to-understand answers.

We’ve developed eConnect as a proactive solution.

eConnect provides your customers with content delivery through an email subscription service when using an email drip campaign. This content is relevant and personalized for each individual customer. It puts you in position to give your customers the information they want, just when they want it, in a way that connects them to the person at the bank who can help.

This is “one-to-one” marketing, not “one-size-fits-all”.

Our philosophy with eConnect is that the customer should be in total control. Enrollment is easy and customers can choose whatever financial topics are relevant to them. To provide the best experience for the customer consider implementing customer based feedback from

Every time they receive an email it will link them back to their bank’s Answer Center, and even the employees at specific branches. This allows banks to deliver their branded content directly to customers, increasing engagement and solidifying the bank as a trusted resource.

If you’d like more info, give us a call at 617-956-5020 or click here to request a demo.