Financial Content Marketing Gets Buyers To Branches


Physical stores in every industry have been undergoing change for some time. These days you can even buy your groceries online.

For banks and credit unions, as more and more people adopt new online technology, branch traffic is declining, leading to fewer, smaller and more automated branches.

Record number of branch closures last year - Financial Content MarketingThe branch will always serve a role, but customers are increasingly using online services for their day-to-day needs. They log on to their account, transact and log out–it’s fast, easy and just plain convenient.

This represents a huge problem as customers become more remote and the potential for face-to-face dialogues vanishes.

But this doesn’t mean that all opportunities are out the window, only that old strategies need to change.


People are looking for help with their finances, especially around life events, when they are forced to make some important decisions. They will buy from the one who is there to provide that help. You want to be that resource. It’s as simple as that.

Banks and credit unions should be working to build their brands to mean more to their customers than transactional services. They should look to become resources for answers that can help people make better financial decisions.

When your customers are saving money and avoiding mistakes because of your branded content they’ll want to buy from you. Be their primary resource and they will do more business with you.

3 Keys to Good Financial Content marketing

First of all, your content needs to be easy to understand. Especially when it comes to finance, people tune out quickly from complex content that’s full of jargon. It needs to be broad.

Second, your content should focus on life events. People encounter lots of financial issues as they go through life: Marriage, buying a car, a mortgage, a baby, college, and retirement are just a few. People are more likely to buy financial products around these events.

Third, and perhaps most important, you need content that’s under your brand.  Content should become a part of how you are seen–as a resource for answers. Don’t make the mistake of sending your customers to outside content. It needs to be yours.

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