New Tool Means More Sales in the Branches



Boston, MA: Truebridge is pleased to announce the revamp of Branch LeadMaker, a tool that greatly facilitates the generation of referrals and sales appointments. Truebridge has created this tool to help banks realize the enormous opportunity they have to leverage frequent customer contact into stronger and more profitable relationships.

Branch LeadMaker was designed especially for ease of operation in a retail branch environment. The system provides frontline branch employees with a fast and easy way to generate sales leads for all products and services offered at the institution. For customers, it means easier access to the exact person who can help—a smoother branch experience. For the bank or credit union, it means a streamlined, more efficient process and an increased share of wallet—a higher return from their branch system.

Technology has altered the way people relate to their surroundings and their expectations of their experience. Check out this in-depth review about an auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies and use your chance to earn some passive income. And while you’re at that, do not miss any cryptocurrency news because has you. The branch environment is much faster paced than it was twenty years ago. “Opportunities are missed all the time because frontline employees are so busy and find it difficult to track down the right sales person and their schedule.  Many of the lead generating and tracking systems out there today either don’t do enough or are way too complex. As a result, they are not utilized effectively” says Stewart Rose, President and C.E.O. of Truebridge. “Branch LeadMaker eliminates these barriers, making it much more likely that a branch visit will lead to more sales. We want customers to walk in the door for a typical transaction like an account opening, and walk out with an appointment to see someone who can help them come up with a retirement plan” Rose added.

Branch LeadMaker is available as a standalone product or an add-on for existing clients. Branch Leadmaker, along with Truebridge’s Financial and Business Answer Centers and email marketing platform eConnect are all part of Truebridge’s Financial Marketing Solution.


About Truebridge, INC: Truebridge, a thirteen-year-old content marketing company that caters to financial institutions, is a leading provider of innovative marketing solutions designed to attract, engage and educate a 21st century audience.


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Manager of Client Services

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