Social Media Banks on Content

3 Steps to Make Social Media Work for Banks

Social Media Banks on Content

72% of American adults use social networking sites. As more banks move their brands into social media spaces, they need to be sure that they’re participating in a way that builds their brands and drives sales. Since social sites are anything but traditional marketing spaces, there are a few rules to follow in order to make social media sell.



1) Avoid sales pitches. Traditional ads take a back seat on social media. Even something like a special offer for opening a new account is not what your followers want to see on a regular basis. Social platforms are for conversations and information sharing. Too many sales messages too often will not be seen as useful or interesting content. TSYS reports that 51% of users don’t pay attention to ads on social sites.

2) The content of your posts should focus on life events. Define yourself as the place to go for answers on financial topics like buying a car, saving for college or planning for retirement. People are 43% more likely to buy a financial product around a life event, according to Forrester Research.

These types of posts let you sell by not selling. You can start a conversation that educates customers and helps you define yourself as a resource. Sales will follow from conversations.

Doing this lets you target different follower demographics and encourages sharing. Any follower can share content on mortgages with someone they know who might be planning to buy a house.

3) The content you share should be under your brand. While your Facebook or Twitter feed is intrinsically under your brand, if you send people to another brand’s content then you’ve taken yourself out of the equation. Your customers will see you as an aggregator, not a resource.

Keep users within your own branded ecosystem to make connections with your salespeople easier. A Next Century Media study found that 90%  of people who have a good experience with a brand’s content will recommend it to a friend.

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