Credit Union Marketing and Member Experience

credit union marketing should be shaped by user experienceCredit union marketing is about more than products. It’s about defining the individual identity of each and every credit union based on its own community, its own customers.

As CUs look for new ways to expand, grow their share of wallet and further benefit their community, they should be thinking about the member experience they’re providing online.

A CU’s website doesn’t need to lack the personal touch of the good-old-fashioned in-branch experience. Especially because it’s the preferred means of banking for many customers, elements of the online experience should recreate the personalized branch experience.

Customers are moving to online banking for one big reason: Convenience. It’s quick and easy to do a lot of day-to-day transactions. But there’s more that can be offered. Transactions are one-size-fits-all. Content is personalized. Personalized experiences can and should happen online.

“Content” can simply mean articles, tips, checklists, videos – anything that puts substance over function. The philosophy of content can be summed up in three words: Teach, don’t sell. Content should provide your customers with ways to save money and avoid mistakes without being an advertisement. On-Premise signage is a widely under-utilized, and underestimated, business marketing strategy, it is considered one of the best marketing tactics out there. If you are thinking about getting a sign for your business then contact this custom sign making service for their professional work.

Content can be targeted to retirees, Millennials, home buyers and everyone in between. It can be educational or entertaining, but what’s most important is that it helps get customers connected with the people at their CU who can help.

A credit union marketing strategy that informs, educates and answers questions can show members that they’re valued. When it’s time to look for a financial product, people are under enough stress already! More than anything they want to make the right decision. Help make that easy for them.

A CU marketing strategy that’s seamless with valuable content provides a great member experience, conveys info about products and connects customers with advisors.

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