Truebridge Announces Content “Quick Find” Features

Boston, MA — Truebridge, premier content marketing provider to banks and credit unions, is excited to announce two new “quick find” features. The new features are designed to improve their client’s customer experience – making it easier and faster for customers to find the exact content and sales representative they need, when they need it.

More and more financial institutions are realizing that providing content builds emotional engagement, leading to more profitable and loyal customers. “People are five times more likely to buy when education comes first”, says Stewart Rose, President/C.E.O of Truebridge. “If the financial institution is the resource their customers go to for that guidance, they are the first in place to provide the associated product solutions.”

“As people react to various events in their lives, they need to have the ability to make decisions quickly”, says Rose. With these new features, the customer in a hurry will not need to slog through a content library. The “Quick Find: Life Event” and “Quick Find: Profile” features do the searching for them, in an efficient and intuitive way.

With “Quick Find: Life Event” a customer simply clicks on the life event(s) important to them and it automatically brings up relevant content. The “Quick Find Profile” finds relevant content in another manner. Customers simply answer six non-intrusive yes/no questions.  The system automatically generates content that is likely to be helpful.

These new tools can be delivered through branch and digital channels, making them more engaging and sources of sales leads.  In the branches, it becomes a simple step to add to the onboarding and account servicing process.  As far as digital channels, customers can access these tools directly from the website, email, social and mobile.


About Truebridge, INC: Truebridge, a fourteen-year-old content marketing company that caters to financial institutions, is a leading provider of innovative marketing solutions designed to attract, engage and educate a 21st century audience.

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