Translating Content Into Sales: It’s All in the Delivery

According to an infographic from the Consumer Marketing Association, consumers spend an average of eight seconds looking at a billboard and 30 seconds viewing a TV ad.

However, they spend 25 minutes on average reading a content marketing article.

These statistics suggest that providing a wealth of content for people to read, digest, and learn from is key to customer engagement. However, while content is a great resource for bringing in business, it isn’t enough on its own. You have to take your content strategy a step further and also consider the delivery platform.

Delivering the right content at the right time in the right way—and backing up that content with the right person who can provide help and advice–is key to turning a customer passively perusing content into someone who is ready to learn, engage, and purchase. This is especially true in today’s digital world, where people are inundated with messages from the internet and mobile devices.

Traditional, high-visibility forms of outbound marketing don’t necessarily engage customer attention on this level. As The Pitch Experience recently pointed out, there’s no way to track a consumer’s actions after they view a billboard or print ad to determine whether the experience prompted an action or added value. Financial content, rather than being a complete vehicle on its own, is simply a start. You must use that content as part of a sound inbound marketing strategy that fosters true customer connection in these three ways:

  • Deliver content via the right platform to reach a customer when they are in need and receptive
  • Pair the content experience with a connection to the exact right person who can help
  • Call the customer to action in a way that engages them directly with your people and products

Offering a library of educational financial content is a great start to developing an effective inbound marketing strategy to engage customer attention, But, in order to translate that content into sales, you need to deliver that content in a way that reaches customers effectively and spurs them to action.


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