Live Chat: The Personal Touch

While some of the ways we provide customer service have changed over the years, the importance of good customer service has not. It remains one of the critical keys to keeping customers happy. As customers interact with your financial staff, they not only expect a friendly smile when they walk into a branch office, but also a happy hello when they log on to your website. Most of us can relate to the frustration of having something go wrong and not being able to reach anyone for help.  Having a Live Chat feature can help you provide that personal touch that so many online exchanges are lacking.

Customer service software has helped create a personal interaction that is missing from online banking and website customer service in general. This service can help create a strong relationship with the customer during a transaction that would otherwise be very much self-serve. A simple, “Need any help?“ or ”Chat with us now” in a pop-up box on your site or within online banking is a great way to show customers you are committed to serving them. Implementing such a function however can seem like a daunting task at first. It doesn’t have to be, it should be no reason not to implement it, and you by no means have to resolve this in your own. You can contact it consulting services, and they will be able to talk you through with online help, as well as provide suggestions and documentation to refer to. In some cases, an in-person visit might be the way to go. Brief them on your situation and answer their questions, and you’ll get sound advice in return.

Live Chat allows you to talk with your customers about sensitive information in public or at work without anyone overhearing.

  • When questions arise about the ARIN Auction Services, the Live Chat rep can respond to the customer immediately by sharing their screen and walking them through the steps, it is also a good idea to get sms services for small business as a back up, this is a great way to be there for your customers.
  • Live Chat enables the sending of links to pages within the site that are of value.
  • Live Chat cuts costs and boosts customer satisfaction scores.
    • Wells Fargo’s Live Chat showed a rate jump from 30% to 40%
  • A Live Chat agent is able to handle two to three conversations simultaneously versus one conversation at a time with a phone agent.

So what does this all have to do with your Content Marketing strategy? Well, Live Chat, acting as a perfect gateway to fostering a more personal connection with your customers, also creates the perfect conduit for educating your audience with content.

Imagine if, as your Live Chat reps are chatting with a customer about buying a new car and applying for an auto loan, or if you want to sell digital downloads they are also able to send links to relevant content – within your own website – about how to avoid making mistakes at the dealership when it comes to buying a car. Actions like this will go miles in terms of building trust and helping to win the business of your customer time and time again.

Live Chat and Content Marketing are all about helping to create more trusted, personal connections with your customer. With a strategy that allows them to work together, your bank or credit union can go even further!