Connecting with Clients

Finding effective and efficient ways to connect with bank customers can be difficult. Branch traffic has been slowing on a consistent pace over the past few years. Website is traffic has made up for this slow down, especially on the mobile side. There’s an efficient & economical cloud-based telephone system that offers affordable virtual PBX services priced and designed for busy small business owners. By replacing your antiquated telephone system with a seamless cloud-based solution, you get more than just voice. At MyVoIP they can integrate fax, chat, audio/web conferencing, mobility and SMS into your communications platform.

A good marketing strategy includes engaging and connecting with customers. Marketo, a marketing automation software company, reported that financial services saw a 31% growth in social media marketing but are still behind other major industries that make use of the same social platforms. In another study done by Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting group, was that 87% of consumers found that following banks and credit unions was annoying due to the boring and unhelpful content. Alongside some benefits that you can use with CRM platforms. They’ll help you get that outreach you need and all the other goodness that comes from them, we recommend using Salesforce since it’s the most popular one. You can find them here.

A key reason for using social media is to drive engagement with the voice of customer and prospects. Something to remember when adopting various social platforms is to make sure that each channel is unique but with the same marketing theme.

Here is a quick run down on some of the popular social media platforms your bank can be making use of:


As the highest-used social platform there is currently, it is easy for a financial institution to adopt this platform within their content strategy and deliver measurable results. Facebook has many benefits, including:

  • Allowing you to track likes (total & new), reach, & engagement
  • Ability to post frequently during the business week
  • Run contests with prizes to increase engagement
  • Run ads and promoted posts to ensure visibility
  • Ability to vary your content from photos, videos, text based, updates, and asking questions for feedback


Twitter allows you to stay connected with your online community in a very immediate way. Some of the best uses include:

  • Use as a newsfeed outlet to post lead-ins, links to announcements, articles, blog entries, events, etc.
  • Hashtags placed throughout your message to to connect your message with those who have similar hashtags
  • Retweets and favorites are great ways to show support
  • Has the ability to be used similar to a customer service line where you answer questions and respond


Simply put, LinkedIn is the business version of Facebook. It is where you can connect directly with other business professionals in your field as well as organized groups.

  • Post content directly into groups that are related to your organization
  • Include links to helpful articles and blogs
  • Job postings


YouTube can be used in a variety of ways to propel education and your brand:

  • Start by establishing your account with your institutions commercials, tutorials, recruitment, customer care, and event promos
  • Share relevant videos about your brand and who your organization is
  • Use pre-roll advertising on other YouTube videos to engage your target market

The social media space continues to grow, and with that growth, allows your bank or credit union the opportunity to engage your audiences in multiple ways. Of course, the key to a successful content (and social media) strategy is ensuring there is a plan in place first to drive engagement with your audience.