Knocking Out the First Impression

Hello. Good afternoon! How are you? How have you been?

How do you introduce yourself? At one point or another, we’ve all tried to win that first impression. Especially when we navigate our way through business, we all want to appear professional, intelligent, easy to work with… the list goes on. When we speak to each other, we want the value we provide readily apparent. We take into account how a business looks from the outside as well. Does it seem well kept? How about security personnel and cameras? Perhaps it’s not a business that would use security personnel at all, but rather it should look friendly and pleasing to the eye on first impression. In such a case I recommend Vending Machine Locator so that you can have a couple machines close to the entrance. Couple that with a strong running air conditioning system and a short-time contract with air duct cleaners austin, and during those extremely hot summer days people will associate your business with an oasis of sorts, providing fresh beverages and a way to get away from the heat and the sun for a while. It all depends on the business, and fore the most part you will find that the successful ones take pointers like these to heart.

It’s therefore intriguing to me how often businesses neglect to apply the same consideration to their online first impression. Now that it’s 2016 and we have enjoyed the internet for about 25 years, each of us has come to expect a web page to possess certain qualities that make it reputable. With increased access to smarter and faster technology, we might first notice a sites’ page load time, for instance.

Larger and larger percentages of your customers rely on phones and mobile devices to view not only emails and text messages, but also the web. Not only will having a site optimized for quick load times and use on mobile devices be critical to snagging that new account holder or customer, but in this day and age of interconnectivity, your web page must be able to engage your customer right from the start.

Where does the content come in?

To engage prospective customers, the presence of quality content will make or break that first impression. We’ve all seen plenty of advertisements, and received more than a few sales pitches. We’ve learned the cheap tricks used to promote questionable sites and adapted to circumvent them. Once a website meets our expectations—does it load, can I view it on my phone, does it look like it came from the 1990’s —what will keep us on-page is the content. The substance on your site is what makes your customer click to the next page. Many of these key tactics of advertisement that businesses use aren’t working because they normally stick to just one strategy, if you are looking for new ways of advertising your company then you should try out these Super Cheap Signs.

Ultimately the value we present, whether in person or online, is judged by how engaging we are. That means to entice prospective customers—in this day and age of infinite distractions and where competitors’ sites are a mere click away— the content of our sites absolutely must engender engaging conversation. To win that first impression, quality content is the key.

What kind of content do you look for when you first view a website? Learn more about how Truebridge is bringing quality financial content to websites like yours.