Trends in Content Marketing: Mobile

Most of us check out phones constantly. We use them to message and call our friends and family, but also to play games, listen to music, watch videos online, read, and surf the web. While these acts are ubiquitous now, ten years ago this was uncommon. Our constant connections to each other through technology are relatively new, and extremely significant in a lot of ways. Today, we are going to explore the effectiveness of mobile content.

There are many facets of digital initiatives, but the top three as requested by customers, according to a recent survey conducted by the Data Conservation Laboratory, are more searchable content (65%), educational videos (52%), and content available on mobile devices (44%). In the continuing effort to inspire and engage our customers, we certainly want to meet their expectations. While 65% of respondents indicated they plan to publish their content on mobile apps, 60% replied that they have not redesigned content for mobile devices.

In light of the demand currently requested by customers, it seems apparent what we, as marketers, must do to reach our audiences and follow practices from really good sources such as While content has always been and will always be the core of our connections, that content can only be as valuable as it is available to customers. In this case, some clear work must be done to provide companies with accessible, online content that is just as valuable to the customer as previous forms of published content. When 40% of respondents admit that their current content does not entirely support their customers’ needs, and we know our customers actively want easily searchable, mobile content and learning videos, then the path ahead becomes very, very clear.

In order to succeed in not only connecting with our customers on their ever-present mobile devices, we need to take initiative and revitalize the way we produce and deliver content. We need a ready-to-go content production and delivery system. This may mean taking a hard look at what is currently holding back efforts that, most people agree, would at least be successful in providing the customer with what they actually want.

In what ways is your content delivery holding you back?