Mobile and Expanded Delivery Channels


Previously, we’ve discussed how mobile usage has become more and more widespread, and how we best should utilize mobile apps and mobile sites to connect with our customers. Today, we will wrap up our discussion about the trend in mobile with a discussion about where it fits in as a delivery channel.

Mobile And The Bigger Strategy

There are some obvious benefits to going mobile with our audiences, such as an ever growing audience base, and a potential 51% increase in mobile conversions for adaptably designed content. However, the things that drives us toward mobile as a delivery channel go a bit beyond this. DSL, Inc provides a breakdown of some real stressors propelling this change in landscape.


The number one concern—that we must change now or be left behind—seems an easy enough conclusion to come to. If within the next five years, “The number of mobile-connected devices per capita will reach 1.5 by 2020,” then certainly no one of us wants to be the outsider on the mountaintop by being unprepared for this change (2). Similarly, as touched on in the last post, customer experience and need should be our key concern, so seeing the second greatest driver of this change be “customers are demanding information in new ways” is no great surprise either.

At this point, it has become abundantly clear that for most businesses and companies, the way forward includes a mobile strategy. For this reason, our solutions here at Truebridge feature mobile-adaptable sites, and a simplified breakdown we hope to be beneficial to all and easy to navigate. Our goal, in every aspect, is to reach the audience at their own level.

However, while a mobile site or app can be exceptionally effective, a few things must be kept in mind. Namely, that a mobile solution is one part of a larger strategy. The content we sent out to our audience from there matters quite a lot, as does utilizing a variety of other delivery channels.

With so many possible ways to reach an audience, as well as differing preferences and possibilities across channels, these other delivery channels must not be neglected as we shift toward mobile. Our proposition for delivery channels our clients should use looks something like this;

delivery channels stack

But regardless, further utilization and optimization of your website, proper use of email, social media, and even your own contact center will amplify results you could get from any one channel alone. The principles of successful marketing haven’t changed. The audience still requires a good connection and bond with a brand. What has changed are some of the best channels for reaching the audience, and how the interact.

In our next posts, we delve into these other channels, and how they support each other.


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