Maximal Delivery, Maximal Impact

Content marketing is part of every marketing plan, whether or not it’s recognized as such. Content is the way we connect. When we learn or teach, we use content. As important as the message that we distribute is, a key component of content is the way by which it’s distributed.

Delivery Channels: Reaching Your Full Audience

A masterful marketing strategy allows your brand to respond to many different customer needs in the most effective way. In order to do this, your brand, or message, must utilize multiple delivery channels so that the best form of communication for solving different customer needs is always available.

As Meheriar Hasan puts nicely in his article Building A Better Delivery Model in Banking, the first step creating a communication model helpful to the customer is to “Create a high-touch, fully-integrated consumer experience supporting physical and digital sales and service. Enable consumers to use whatever physical channel or digital device they prefer to transact with you whenever and wherever they please is the key to an ‘optichannel’ experience.” (1)

We already know that the world has gone mobile and we each crave the convenience of instant access rather than necessarily visiting a physical location for any business or personal needs. But, the world today features many channels that deliver those benefits. Furthermore, the growth in mobile, for instance, does not make other channels obsolete, especially because they offer to our customers a different kind of benefit.


As Hasan says of the multichannel approach, the investment into the multichannel form of operation is well worth the investment.

Changing to an integrated, ‘optichannel™’ sales and service model requires significant organizational, operational, and financial investment. But the ROI can also be significant. The following data was collected from financial institutions with an aggregate value of $7 billion. These institutions switched to an integrated ‘optichannel’ channel model over roughly a nine-month period with these results:

  • More than a 200% increase in multi-channel digital sales

  • 17% of customers added a second product to their shopping carts

  • More than 18% increase in sales through real time smart lead management (1)

With numbers like these, certainly it’s worth considering the various different channels at our disposal, and making sure we get the best use of each.

What we notice is how we might consider both online and offline channels as avenues for engaging with consumers and meeting customer needs. Furthermore, how we might consider which sources provide brand awareness, possess the most cross-sell potential, or other essential goals.

To determine what an ideal multi-channel strategy may consist of, please join us for our next post as we break down how to get the most use out of branch, social media, email, and other channels.

As we look deeper into the best ways to leverage delivery channels, what goals might you consider?

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