How To Give Your Content Staying Power

The amount of content being written about content marketing these days is astounding. While the  term “content marketing” has evolved to mean many different things on many different levels in the marketing space, one thing has not changed: CMOs across all industries, all over the world, are allocating time, energy and substantial budgets to ensure their content marketing efforts get results. This is all to say:

Content marketing is no more a fad than the use of smartphones in today’s Internet access. It’s here to stay.

However, we continually see marketers using content marketing for all of the wrong reasons or in the wrong ways. What’s worse, content marketing efforts are being deployed in a way that does not make the investment worth it.

Here are some key considerations for creating a solid content marketing plan:

  • Keep content educational. One of the biggest content marketing mistakes we see organizations make is using content to drive sales right off the bat. They skip all of the middle steps of a typical buyer’s journey (or sales funnel cycle) and slam heavy cross-sell efforts right into the text of the content. This type of content becomes a huge turn-off for your customers. Content needs to be kept educational to reap the greatest results.
  • Use data analytics. You might think that your data analytics and content marketing don’t mix, but they do. In order to see the ROI from content marketing efforts, it is incredibly important that the right content is placed in front of a consumer at the right time. That’s where data analytics come in. Using the same predictive analytic models that you would for product cross-sell efforts, targeting appropriate content becomes easy.
  • Deploy across all channels. Content that is idle in one location on a page of your website will inevitably remain idle. Combining data analytics with appropriate content with omni-channel distribution earns your content the attention it deserves while driving traffic to all of the right places.
  • Use content for the long haul. Today’s consumers are investing an incredible amount of time into researching products and services before making a decision. We are watching now as the buyer’s journey is becoming more and more extended, and thus, the time to sale is becoming longer. Use your content in the appropriate way – as a resource for that buyer’s journey and a means to an end for the sale opportunity. To reiterate the point above: Content should not be used as a means to gain immediate sales growth.

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