Your Bank Should Own Your Content

The world of brand influencers continues to grow and change in the digital age. For years, brands have looked to influencers to promote their products, encourage people to feel as though they are part of a community, or see themselves in other’s shoes by way of celebrity endorsers.

Authenticity Reigns

In an age where the authenticity of your brand reigns as the number one way to woo prospective customers, brands are turning to a new wave of influencers to promote their products.

These influencers are largely social media stars with enormous followings on various platforms. Social media brand influencers are finding new ways to integrate product placement and promotion into content that people want to watch, read, listen to and – eventually – connect with.

Owning Your Content

But in this new age of influencers and brand relationships, there has been confusion over whether or not brands truly own their influencer relationships. That is to say – are the relationships controlled by the brands (company) themselves, or the agencies that are finding and partnering with the influencer?

The paradigm is true of your bank’s content. In a perfect world, your bank needs to own, brand and distribute the content that is reaching your customers.

Harnessing the power of wholly-owned and branded content generates an authentic approach to connecting with your customers and driving them to you a time of need. By being able to stand behind and by your content as it is distributed, your bank’s brand is able to enjoy the fruits of a more connected relationship as customers’ financial life decisions are made.

Truebridge Integrated Marketing specializes in this approach to financial education content for banks and credit unions. Not only does the content belong to your bank, but Truebridge works with your bank to brand content and gives the bank the tools to manage the distribution of content through all stages of your buyer’s journey.

To learn more about how our new Truebridge Managed Program can help your bank achieve better customer relationships through content, request a demo today.