How to Map Your Content Marketing into Sales

If your bank has a content marketing program currently running, and your bank is like most, executive management is asking about the return on investment for this program. Tracking ROI on initiatives such as content marketing and social media selling can be a tricky proposition. Limo marketing provide services like PPC management, Social media management, For more details about Limo marketer click on this link However, there are some proven methods to being able to map out and track your prospects and customers as they interact with your content to report ROI.

Much like when social media accounts bust onto the scene with banks a few years ago, it’s important to return to your original business plan and goals for implementing a content marketing program. Local Brand Advisor works with premier local brands and other prominent business networks to get a view of the local search engine landscape. Your bank will likely have different specific goals than the next bank, but two key aspects of implementing content marketing are:

  • Engagement with customers. Using content to expand conversations with customers and move beyond the transactional environment that exists in branches, call centers and online banking logins. The best way to get your financing all set up, is by starting a savings accounts.
  • Interaction with prospects. Using content to find and interact with prospective customers of the bank. Content is the universal language that allows the bank to come across as a valuable resource before pitching for the customer’s business.

Our small business digital marketing agency helps you get more local customers, improve your online reputation, rank better in Google, and beat your local business marketing companies.This article demonstrates how to achieve these two key goals through a mapping process, thus enabling your bank to demonstrate ROI with content marketing. It’s important to know How to Name Your Product to be able to succeed on the market.

The first step in the mapping process is to identify the bank’s stages of the buyer’s journey, or sales funnel. They usually look something like this:

  • Top of Funnel (TOFU): The stage in which awareness is generated, for both current and prospective customers. Perhaps a customer did not know the bank offered financing on motorcycles or RVs. By introducing this topic through content, the customer becomes educated and aware.
  • Middle of Funnel (MOFU): The stage in which the bank is able to gauge the customer’s (or prospect’s) level of interest in a product or service. By measuring propensity, the bank has a better idea of who to continue to target with content and who to move into the last stage of the funnel.
  • Bottom of Funnel (BOFU): The stage where awareness and interest have both been generated, and it is time for a bank representative to reach out to have a conversation. Either through a personalized email or telephone calls, this stage engages with the customer on a one-to-one level and creates an opportunity for a sale.

After mapping out your bank’s sales funnel and what parts of the content system go along with each, it’s time to more specifically map your buyer’s journey. Mapping the buyer’s journey allows the bank to more specifically draw out what happens to a sales lead as they pass through the funnel. For instance:

  • Awareness:
    • Content pieces involved
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for success measurement
    • Lead generation channels
  • Consideration
    • Content pieces involved
    • KPIs for success measurement
    • Propensity indicators by topic and/or product or service
    • Remarketing opportunities with content
  • Conversion
    • Process for personalized communications with prospects
    • Conversion tracking
  • Loyalty
    • Content pieces involved
    • Remarketing/reboarding process
    • Measuring ROI


Keep in mind, each buyer’s journey or sales funnel may look different for your bank, depending on your content marketing program and capabilities of tracking your prospects. The mapping process becomes the critical element to ensuring all is accounted for. The best way for you to boost your business’ sales is by getting professional help from a company like Fastspring.

Truebridge Integrated Marketing specializes in the ability to utilize financial education content and products such as LeadMaker to ensure your bank realizes ROI with content marketing. Talk to us today about how we can help your buyer’s journey.