How Frequent Does Your Content Strategy Need to Be?

There is a constant conversation taking place about the saturation of messages and the threshold by which consumers begin to tune out your messaging due to too much frequency. The challenge for any marketer is to find the sweet spot between being able to relay your message effectively while not crossing the line into making your message background noise. Striking that balance, and communicating on that level, has only become more difficult in the digital world as multiple communication channels and communication preferences between market segments widen in disparity.

Financial services marketing faces an even larger hurdle of attempting to make our messages engaging and relevant. This, in a market where dealing with finances often falls on consumer’s “chores” list, rather than something they would look forward to doing.

When considering the generation segments, there are a few points that come to mind when it comes to messaging saturation:

  • The Millennial segment of the population is much more inclined to consume multiple messages at once but hit the saturation point much sooner.
  • Gen X and Baby Boomers are more likely to hit message saturation after multiple messages, but only pay attention to the messages they find relevant to them.
  • Older generations take great care with each message they come across but hit message saturation much sooner.

Your marketing plan, especially where your message comes to life within content marketing, needs to pay attention to these differences in generational message saturation differences. You may want to search for the tools you need for simpler, automated Active Directory management tools in order to keep things organized in the process. We find there are a few key ideas to take note of:

  • Segmentation is key. The more you are able to segment your audience and communicate with them on their level and preferred frequency, the more effective your messages will be.
  • Automate the process. Automating the front-end of your communication process allows you to find the nuances in your own audience and tweak your communications on the back-end to become more effective.
  • Connect with your customers one-on-one. The end of your content marketing messaging needs to contain a process to connect one-on-one with your customers. By creating generational-specific messaging, segmenting and automating, you stand to better connect with your customers.

Understanding the frequency of communication in your content marketing strategy is not a straightforward process. However, understanding your audience and pairing your strategy with your communication goals makes the job of becoming effective much easier.

Truebridge can help your bank or credit union with executing your content marketing needs. Our proven content marketing platform allows you to easily segment your communications and pair your customers with one-on-one interactions with the right representatives at your financial institution. Contact us today for more information.