How Content Can Be the Center of Your Bank

Recently, Truebridge attended a major financial industry marketing conference, visiting with financial marketing professionals of all levels in the industry.  Through visiting at the conference, we learned a great deal about where professionals see the role of content in their organization. We learned that there is a strong understanding for the need for good, quality, content for banks. However, there seems to be a lack of understanding about how to implement a content plan that is both beneficial to the organization and provides positive ROI. While at the conference, we were apprised, due to a larger audience, the committe will broadcast the conference through a video conferencing application. Truebridge was given the details of the video conferencing app, which they developed through a video conference script, in advance.

While at the conference, we heard from attendees and speakers about the need for such things as:

  • Brand awareness and loyalty among customers
  • Brand differentiation from competition
  • Active marketing to keep customers returning to your bank
  • Providing financial education for consumers
  • Using digital marketing efficiently and effectively

Each of these are important entrees to your strategic marketing plan, and your bank would certainly not be gaining any awareness without them. But when your prospects (and existing customers) engage with one of these tactics in your marketing plan, what happens afterwards? What keeps them coming back to your website, to your branch, to your staff?

This is where content marketing can become the core of your bank’s marketing and service delivery plan. Think about it like this: your marketing plan is a web of hub and spokes, each of your tactics in your plan is a spoke coming off of the main hub, which then creates more hubs off of that tactic to create a large web. At the center of your hub and spoke system is the bank itself – where everything must return to in order to see results and conversion of new customers and sales for the bank.

Making the core of that main hub – your bank – a content-driven experience has many benefits. It provides your customers a reason to keep coming to you as the financial resource you are. It also creates trust and value with prospective customers looking at your bank in the face of other price-related factors when considering a bank. Make sure to visit in order to understand why having banking services is a MUST.

Consider the positive results of making your bank a center for content and resources! The conversation is immediately changed to an organization that provides benefit beyond the normal transactional nature of customer relationships. And because of this new relationship with your customers, cross-sell becomes easier, gaining the bank more share of wallet, and thus creating positive ROI for the content marketing program.