Truebridge Launches New Financial Education and Cyber Security Services

Contact: Stewart Rose, President, Truebridge 781-820-7476

Plymouth, Mass., May 17, 2019 – Truebridge Integrated Content Marketing, an industry leader in providing consumer financial education content for financial institutions, is excited to announce the launch of its new Educate First® and CyberSmart services for all banks and credit unions. Over the past 15 years, Truebridge has worked diligently to improve consumer access of sound financial education resources while working with financial institutions to turn transactional customer relationships into advisory ones. If you were to read full article here, you’d know the course that Truebridge is giving financial education resources to.

“Educate First® really represents the next step in the financial education content revolution,” said Stewart Rose, president of Truebridge. “Trends tell us that consumers want their financial institutions to meet them where they are with the right content needs. Educate First® moves content in that very direction.”

Educate First® – Educational content that sells. Banks and credit unions now have the capability of easily tapping into content resources that will enhance their cross-sales and distribute financial education content through educational tips, e-newsletters, social postings, and customized email content.

CyberSmart– Educational content that protects. Addressing the financial industry’s need to approach the cybersecurity issue from the outside in. Through educational content geared towards computer support in London for staff members and consumers. CyberSmart gives banks and credit unions actionable content that helps them better educate their business customers and the employees of business customers on cyber risks and how to stay safe online. “With the exponential ramp-up in cybercrime, education about how to avoid mistakes that could cost the bank and its customers is paramount to future success. CyberSmart is the tool that helps our clients accomplish that goal,” Stewart Rose said.

With the launch of Educate First® and CyberSmart, Truebridge has positioned itself again as the leader in financial education content marketing. For more information about Educate First® or CyberSmart or to request a demonstration of the service, visit

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Truebridge Integrated Content Marketing is a leader in the consumer financial education content industry. For over 15 years, Truebridge has helped banks and credit unions better connect with their consumers through content and responsible cross-selling. Truebridge maintains over 150 client relationships through their financial education content platform.