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FinTech Provider Truebridge Introduces New Way for Banks & Credit Unions to Protect Their Business Customers From Bankruptcy

January 7, 2019, BOSTON, MA – Truebridge, a content marketing technology provider for financial institutions, today announced the launch of a new product that enables banks and credit unions to protect themselves from commercial bankruptcy in order to continue to provide their services to customers and customers’ employees. Called “CyberSmart,” the product is integrated into […]

TurboTax Fraud, What Bank Marketers Need to Know

John has just received a ‘notice of duplicate filing’ from his state’s tax office. A million questions run through his mind (and your customers’ minds) when he gets this letter. “What happened? Did I make a mistake? Did someone steal my identity? Should I have used tighter security? How did that happen? Is this going […]

Turbotax Fraud blog

524 Million Scam Ads Got Removed by Google Last Year

It wasn’t Google AdWords’ security software that was out of date. The ads they promoted didn’t contain malware and had every pretense of being legitimate. It would take some digging to find out that the advertisers were running scams. Google AdWords would serve up an ad that had been vetted for a lack of viruses. […]

Fake Vacation Home Scam Ads - Photo by Martin Robson

Hiring Hackers Is Easier than You Think

It’s not just big retailers like Target or Kmart who are being hacked. “Hacker’s List” proves that there’s a market for attacks against individuals. People need a place to go to get answers and guidance when it comes to their cybersecurity. If you can provide that guidance, it can be a gateway to sales. Espionage […]

The new economy behind hiring hackers

State of the Union 2015: The Cybersecurity Factor

During last night’s State of the Union Address, President Obama took a moment to address threats to our cybersecurity and particularly to Boston’s IT firms, asking Congress to pass legislation that could help prevent and combat cyberattacks on our nation, people and businesses. The president has been emphasizing his cybersecurity plan over the past week, […]

President Obama addresses cybersecurity during 2015 State of the Union

Ransomware: What Bank Marketers Need to Know

In a recent New York Times op ed, Alina Simone tells the story of getting the call that no kid wants to get: Her mom had been hacked and she needed her daughter’s help. Her mom was targeted with a ransomware virus. This type of malware infects a computer by encrypting files so that they […]

Shifting Patterns of Content Consumption – How to Drive Sales

Patterns of content consumption are shifting. YouTube attracts more Millennials than any cable network (and they watch billions of hours of content each month). Physical newspapers are declining as people get their info from social feeds and online news aggregators. And even a good old-fashioned paperback can’t beat the convenience offered by e-readers. As the […]

Financial Content Marketing Tips, Series 1

Presenting the first set of our 1,000 content marketing tips! Click the thumbnails below to see individual tips at higher resolution.   Go in-depth on content marketing and generate more leads. Check out our next 30-minute workshop!  

Facebook at Work – Boon or Doom?

Reuters reports that Facebook is developing a new service called “Facebook at Work”. Positioned as a competitor to LinkedIn, this platform will allow users to develop a professional profile separate from their personal Facebook account. How does that sound to you? LinkedIn is a platform with its share of flaws, but has done an exemplary […]

Facebook at Work butts heads with LinkedIn

Engagement Marketing 101

In 2015, financial marketers will be working overtime to increase share of wallet; It’s a top-three priority among 70% of senior marketing executives (Aite Group, Bank and Credit Union Marketing Trends, 2014). Deeper customer engagement can make it happen. To be successful in cross-selling, financial institutions need to engage customers beyond transactions. Research from Gallup […]