Customer Connection

47% of buyers said they viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative.*

Connect to your customers through content.

When it comes to finances, no one wants to make financial decisions that will hurt them or lose money. That’s why providing educational content at the right time is a perfect solution to solve your customers’ needs. It allows you to connect to your customers in a new way.

Consumers will buy from the resources that are there when they need the information. However, it takes more than just putting content on a website. You have to take the content to where your customers are, instead of letting it sit idle, waiting to be found.

With your content in place, you need to actively connect your content with your customers.

Educate First® Customer Connection

Simply put, the problem with many content marketing programs is that content is not sufficiently promoted! Content that sits idle on your website does not help you connect with your customers or increase your ability to cross-sell financial products they need.

That’s why Truebridge created Educate First® Customer Connection, a content distribution platform designed to connect your customers with your content. It’s based on the three Ps of content marketing: Promote, Promote, Promote.

Build Stronger Relationships

We’ve created an effective turn-key marketing tool to help you build stronger relationships through responsible cross-selling.

Promote content using your fully branded and custom-designed website as the core of lead-generating marketing activity.

Let your customers pick their content with our customized email campaigns. They select topics that interest them, and the rest is automatically done by us!