Educate First® Financial Education

79% of consumers consider their banking relationship to be transactional, not advisory. That’s up nearly 10% in two years*

Truebridge’s content marketing program can help you change that perception by becoming an advice and information hub, not simply a transaction processor. Through our platform, we build stronger, more profitable and protected relationships.

The right content at the right time.

Most people react to events as they occur. They want just the answers they need at just the right time they need them. Our integrated financial education system actively bridges that gap between content and your customers’ life events.

  • Professional, compliance approved content maintained to satisfy legal, tax and regulatory changes.
  • Compliance reviewed including FINRA letters for investment-related content.
  • Expanded to reflect changing consumer trends, topics and regulatory changes.

Integrate your content and your marketing.

Educate First® Financial Education pairs financial content with a lead-generation platform to create a one-of-a-kind process that gives you viable leads and measurable ROI. With our system in place, content on hundreds of life-stage driven financial topics are integrated into your website for individuals and businesses.

The entire system is customized to match your brand standards and designed to fit right into your website. Out of the box, Educate First® is mobile, social and email ready to help you distribute timely content through all of your channels.

Truebridge Educate First® Financial Education

The key to lasting connections with your customers is to build a bridge to the financial information they need, when they need it, right on your website.

Proprietary turnkey content marketing system

Compliance-approved financial education content

Branded and customized to your standards

Individual customer service and shared best practices