ROI Calculator

This calculator has been developed to help you gauge the opportunity for increased revenue by building your share of wallet – in other words, earning more revenue from your existing customers. Each field below is filled with an industry assumption.

Since most organizations already have the people and product in place to increase share of wallet, the key metric is your organization’s ability to generate referrals and sales appointments from your existing resources – your branches and your website.

Revenue Opportunity Calculator

Sales Appointment Value Analysis

% of sales appointments are qualified
% of qualified sales appointments buy a product

is the average Net Present Value of the product purchased *

$640 Value of Sales Appointment

* This assumption varies widely by product and organization – Some examples Commercial DDA $3000 / Premier Retail Checking $2300 / Retail Savings $900 / Consumer loan $3200 / Investments $2,000 / Trust $15,000

Sales Appointment Generation Analysis – Branch

Average number of employees in each branch with potential to make referral and sales appointment
Number of branches
Number of additional sales appointments made by each employee with potential to do so each month
Your share of wallet revenue opportunity from branches per year is: $1,920,000

Sales Appointment Generation Analysis – Website

Unique monthly web visitors to your web site
% of web visitors visit content
% of content visitors who identify themselves for follow up call from download or contact request form
% of contacts the result in sales appointments
150 Appointments per month
Your share of wallet revenue opportunity from website per year is: $1,152,000