The Power of Content Marketing

When it comes to consumers and their financial decisions, no one wants to …



Make a Bad Choice


Lose Money


Hurt Their Financial Security

and an effective content marketing program allays those fears and positions you as the hero by providing all the advice and answers they need to avoid mistakes.


43% of consumers are more likely to buy a financial product around life events, and they are also more likely to buy from the company that provides education about the topic … 74% to be exact!

The Right Content at the Right Time

Most people react to events as they occur. They want just the answers they need at just the time they need them. Our Integrated Content Marketing System actively bridges that gap between content and your customers’ life events by providing you with triggers and alerts that enable you to connect to consumers with targeted content that is relevant to their current life stage or event.

But they don’t want to be bombarded with old school advertisements and pushy sales tactics. They want answers, and Content Marketing, OUR CONTENT MARKETING, focuses on creating and distributing relevant content to attract, meaningfully engage and educate.

When you bridge the gap between questions and answers by providing them the content they need to avoid the pitfalls, you become a trusted resource and foster brand loyalty.

The Content Marketing Myth

If you build it, they will come. Wrong!
Passively offering financial literacy or general education is not helping you or your customers. Content that just sits is basically money and opportunity down the drain.