The Truebridge Difference


Cross Over to More Powerful Content

Because it is integrated with a lead-generation marketing platform, our Content Marketing System provides you with alerts that enable you to engage consumers more meaningfully with content that is relevant to their current life stage or event.

Leverage the multiple channels you have in place to engage consumers in a meaningful way with content that’s relevant to their immediate needs.



Custom-designed ‘Answer Centers’ (for business or personal banking) that fit right into your institution’s website.

  • Features a Branch Dashboard support system to quickly and easily manage customer content requests with downloadable financial Quick Guides
  • Our system notifies your staff when referrals are generated

Integrated Across Existing Channels

Simplified marketing integration across web, branch, mobile, social and email channels.



Financial Answer Center

  • Hundreds of pages of content for individuals, organized around key life events and products
  • Dynamically deliverable information and guides for when customers need it most
  • Lead generation tools that connect customers with product experts

Business Answer Center

  • Hundreds of pages of content for business customers, focused on small business needs
  • Multi-channel marketing toolset to help you reach customers wherever they are
  • Lead generation tools that connect customers with product experts


Lead generation tools connect customers with the exact financial rep near them who can help.

Add On Features


Branch LeadMaker

  • A branch driven lead generation and sales tracking tool designed specifically for financial institutions
  • Generate qualified and cost effective leads
  • Track your results in real time


  • Provide financial education on a regular basis through permission based email drips
  • Enroll customers through self-identified life events
  • Supply your customers with knowledge that matters to them

Rep Launch Pages

  • Customized web pages for each sales rep at your financial institution
  • Featured ‘Answer Center’ content
  • Photo, bio and contact info

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